IP Rated Stopping Plugs

Abtech produces a range of Ex-rated plugs for sealing unused metric cable gland entries whilst maintaining the requirements of the enclosure certification.

Often and the enclosure is designed with additional entry holes to allow for future expansion. In order to maintain the IP rating of the enclosure, a suitable plug must be fitted.

Abtech's ABSP stopping plug range comes as standard in Nickle plated Brass and is available with male and female threads for numerous metric and NPT sizes. They are dual certified ATEX and IECEx and stamped as Increased Safety Ex e.

A series of accessories including locknuts, earth tags, sealing and serrated washers are also available.

  • IP rated plug for sealing entries

  • ATEX & IECEx Increased Safety Ex e

  • Nickle Plated Brass or Stainless Steel

Standard Specification

Product Reference Entry Size Material Thread Size (m) Hexagonal Dimension (H) Hexagonal Dimension (P) Thread Lenght (C)
EAPM16ABSPHNP M16 Nickel Plated Brass M16 x 1.5 20 22 15
EAPM20ABSPHNP M20 Nickel Plated Brass M20 x 1.5 24 26.8 15
EAPM25ABSPHNP M25 Nickel Plated Brass M25 x 1.5 30 33.5 15
EAPM32ABSPHNP M32 Nickel Plated Brass M32 x 1.5 35 40.5 15
EAPM40ABSPHNP M40 Nickel Plated Brass M40 x 1.5 45.8 51.2 15
EAPM50ABSPHNP M50 Nickel Plated Brass M50 x 1.5 55 61.5 15
EAPM60ABSPHNP M60 Nickel Plated Brass M63 x 1.5 70 77 15
EAPM75ABSPHNP M75 Nickel Plated Brass M75 x 1.5 80 88.5 15
EAPM85ABSPHNP M80 Nickel Plated Brass M85 x 1.5 90 99 15

Note - For Stainless steel replace NP suffix with SS



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