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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(1) Where can I download the software from and what are its Conditions of Use?

You can download the latest version from here...

Download Abtech Enclosure Calculator 2013   ZIP 32.6M

Please note that the software is provided free of charge. Consequently, it is provided on an “as is” basis and we do not warrant (and accept no responsibility whatsoever for) the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any of its content or data. Abtech Limited shall not be liable for any loss or damage which arises from the use of the software.

(2) I have installed the software from a CD supplied by Abtech. Is this the same version that is on this website.

No. It is likely that you have an earlier version. You can use the link above to update your current version. However, you should uninstall your current version first (Control Panel/Add Remove Programs and uninstall Abtech Enclosure Calculator).

(3) I have used AEC2013 to create a Project File and now require a quotation - who do I send the file to?

If you have Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express then you can use the Create Email button on the Contact Information tab to send the file to the Abtech Sales Department. Otherwise we suggest you save the Project File (.aec), attach it to an email and send it to us using this link.

(4) The software runs very slowly on my PC, particularly when generating enclosure drawings. How do I speed it up?

The two factors which most determine the speed of operation are (a) the amount of RAM installed and (b) the microprocessor type (and speed). We recommend a Pentium 4 class processor with at least 512Mb of RAM (1Gb is preferable). Increasing the amount of RAM will significantly increase the speed of operation.

(5) What is "High Speed Mode" mean on the Enclosure Drawing tab?

This mode is selected by default. This alters the way in which the drawing is generated, specifically, in relation to transparency. In High Speed Mode objects are simply drawn on top of the template drawing. In certain circumstances and (only) on certain enclosures this may result in (for example) the ends of a terminal rail being visible whereas in fact the should be obscured by the lip of the enclosure. High Speed Mode can be de-selected and the drawing will then be created correctly - but the generation process will take significantly longer. We recommend you leave High Speed Mode selected unless you have a specific problem with a drawing.

(6) Can I save the drawings in AutoCad format?

Unfortunately, this is currently not possible. However, this feature may be available in future releases.

(8) I have a specific technical question regarding a Project File - who should I contact?

Please attach the AEC Project File (File/Save As...) to an email using this link. Describe the exact nature of your question and we will endeavour to provide a solution.