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SX (Stainless/Mild Steel)

Available Sizes (mm)
  Width Height Depth
SX45 114 114 51
SX64 102 152 63
SX66 152 152 102
SX0 152 229 140 / 200
SX0.5 184 274 140 / 200
SX1 234 324 140 / 200
SX1.5 306 306 140 / 200
SX2 372 324 140 / 200
SX3 372 448 140 / 200
SX4 372 510 140 / 200
SX5 510 510 140 / 200
SX6 510 780 140 / 200 / 300
SX7 650 950 140 / 200 / 300
SX8 800 1250 140 / 200 / 300

The SX range comprises 14 sizes of enclosure manufactured in either mild steel or stainless steel. Depending on the enclosure size they are available in standard depths of 140, 200 or 300mm and can be fitted with removable gland plates on any or all of the four sides.

The SX range was specifically designed to meet the rigours of the offshore environment. With a high level of ingress protection (IP66/67), the SX has also passed the Shell/ERA deluge test which was devised to adequately test enclosures and electrical equipment which is routinely subjected to ships decks conditions or fire deluge systems.

IP68 enclosures are also available for depths up to 120ft/ 35m depending on specifc customer requirements.

The stainless steel range (SSX) is manufactured in 316 grade stainless steel to give the maximum environmental protection. The main body is manufactured from 2mm thick sheet and the mounting straps and gland plates from 3mm thick plate. Cable entries can be drilled in the sides or through the gland plates, if fitted, or through the enclosure wall. Entries may also be drilled through the rear face of the enclosure.

Another advantage of the SX range is that it is suitable for fire resistance applications and when fitted with ceramic terminals meets the requirements of IEC 331 (750C for 3 hours) and also BS6387/1983 (950C for 3 hours).

Designed for simple installation and ease of use, the enclosure door is held to the enclosure by at least 4 captive stainless steel screws. These maintain the correct compression on the gasket. The oversize hinge design enables the screws to control the closing of the door, not the hinge, its only function being to support the door when opened. The hinges allow easy removal of the door with only minimal opening required before removal (less than 10).

The SX range can be constructed to almost any dimension and the certification allows oversize enclosures to be manufactured whilst retaining the next smallest sized enclosures’ power rating.

Earthing is accomplished by means of an external/internal earth stud fitted as standard which can be connected to the terminal mounting rail or component mounting plate and optionally earth studs can be fitted to the door and gland plates.

Rail mounted earth terminals or proprietary earth bars can be fitted inside the enclosure.

The SX has a wide ambient emperature range from -70C to 130C and is suitable for use in hazardous areas including: ATEX and IECEx Ex ‘e’(Zone 1 & 2), Ex ‘nA’ (Zone 2), CSA, UL & FM (Class 1, Div 2) and NEMA 4X.

The SX range can be supplied fitted with any component approved terminal to apparatus level or can be supplied empty as component approved for the clients own certification requirements.

A mild steel version (MSX) is also available and can be supplied with a number of paint options (most RAL colours available) and anti corrosion finishes.