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ZP (Polycarbonate JB)

Available Sizes (mm)
  Width Height Depth
ZP1 52 50 35
ZP2 65 50 35
ZP3 82 80 55
ZP4 82 80 85
ZP5 120 80 55
ZP6 120 80 85
ZP7 160 80 55
ZP8 160 80 85
ZP9 122 120 55
ZP10 122 120 85
ZP11 200 120 75
ZP12 200 150 75
ZP13 240 120 100
ZP14 240 160 90
ZP15 250 160 90
ZP16 240 160 120
ZP17 300 230 85
ZP18 360 200 150
ZP19 300 230 110

The Abtech ZP range of enclosures comprises 19 sizes which are injection moulded in either ABS plastic or polycarbonate material with the option of a clear polycarbonate lid which can be fitted to either base. The enclosure are lightweight yet extremely robust and offer good protection against both corrosion and oil based contamination. The enclosure shares the labyrinth seal arrangement which is common to both the ZAG and BPG ranges and can offer protection up to IP65. Stainless steel captive quick release quarter turn screws are fitted as standard offering a quick and reliable method of securing the lid. This can provide a considerable cost saving in assembly times with on-average savings of 2 minutes per enclosure over conventional screws. As an option conventional screws may be fitted if required.

The mounting holes, although contained within the profile of the enclosure, sit outside the seal and all external fasteners and fixings are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel to ensure reliability. External stainless steel mounting feet are offered as an option. The ZP range is an extremely versatile enclosure with many uses including junction boxes, instrument enclosures and of course suitable for many OEM applications. The addition of the clear lid makes the ZP range particularly suitable for housing instruments and indicators where a visual indication is required without the need for opening the enclosure. The ZP range can be machined, drilled and tapped with various thread forms and can also be silk screen printed. The ZP range can be moulded in almost any colour subject to minimum quantities. At our factories in England, Germany and the United States we have recently introduced specialist machining centres for the ZP range. These new machines allow dedicated tooling and programming specific to the requirements of the materials used and reflect the increasing usage of this enclosure range especially in small batch production. Internal components are located via a series of moulded pillars which can be fitted with threaded inserts or alternatively can accept self tapping screws and these are used for the fitment of a component mounting plate or DIN standard terminal mounting rails such as TS-15, TS-32 or TS-35. Earthing can be accomplished by various means. External/internal earth stud which in turn can be connected to the terminal mounting rail or component mounting plate and various rail mounted earth terminals or proprietary earth bars can be fitted inside the enclosure. When fitted with a standard neoprene gasket the enclosure is suitable for ambient temperatures of -40C to 80C. Alternatively when fitted with an optional silicone gasket the temperature range is increased to -70C to 130C.RFI screening is achieved by the use of a metalised coating of 50 micron thickness to the internal surfaces of the enclosure and the fitment of an RFI gasket. The Abtech sales team can give advice on suitable RFI gaskets and finishing techniques which will provide optimum protection but typically the following characteristics are achievable: Attenuation 55-65 dB @ 500 to 1000MHz or 35 dB @ 40k to 300MHz.