Stainless Steel Control Station

Corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel enclosures that can be easily configured to provide localised control for electrical equipment such as pumps, motors and lighting installations.

Based on Abtech's SX enclosure range, the SXCS combines a wide range of sizes with pre-defined operator layouts. The proven stainless steel enclosure also ensures the highest levels of corrosion and ingress protection, even in the toughest of offshore or extreme environmental conditions.

Available with a wide range of momentary and fixed pushbuttons, switches, indicators, emergency stop devices and voltage or current metres, the SXCS can be configured to provide the required operation, indication or measurement of the connected electrical equipment.

Ex-certified control station components from a number of 3rd party manufacturers can be fitted to the SXCS. Please refer to the associated hazardous area certificates for further details.



  • Range of push buttons, switches, indicators, volt and ammeters

  • Interchangeable operators and contact blocks

  • Typical ambient -40°C to +55°C dependant upon control component fitted

Configuration Options

Part Description Dimensions (W/H/D*) Operator Only c/w Meter c/w Meter & Terminals
ESXCS66 152 x 152 x 102  1 x Op N/A N/A
ESXCS0 152 x 229 x 140 2 x Op N/A N/A
ESXCS05 184 x 274 x 140 3 x Op 2 x M 1 x Op, 1 x M
ESXCS1 234 x 324 x 140 8 x Op 2 x M 2 x Op, 2 x M
ESXCS1.5 306 x 306 x 140 9 x Op 4 x M 6 x Op, 2 x M
ESXCS2 372 x 324 x 140 16 x Op 4 x M 8 x Op, 3 x M
ESXCS3 372 x 448 x 140 24 x Op 12 x M 12 x Op, 6 x M
ESXCS4 372 x 510 x 140 28 x Op 12 x M 16 x Op, 6 x M
ESXCS5 510 x 510 x 140 42 x Op 16 x M 24 x Op, 8 x M

* - Can be up to 500mm deep. Details are based on two-pole operation, four-pole versions also available.



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